A cannabis community for classy women.


To understand who we are, you must learn where we came from. 

On October 17th, 2017 the Cannabis Act legalized recreational cannabis in Canada. With a hypothetical flip of a switch, adults could legally order, grow, or buy a plant that had been criminalized for 95-years. 


Unlike laws, stereotypes don’t change overnight. Propaganda from the war on drugs era trained society to fear cannabis as a “gateway” drug to more harmful, addictive substances. But those brave enough to use it had a different story to tell. 


They watched cannabis grow from the ground. They knew it was medicine, not a drug. And as the cannabis enthusiasts reaped the benefits from the plant, the government realized criminalizing cannabis did the country more harm than good. 


This started a chain of dialogue, beginning with legalizing medicinal cannabis for patients to the legalized market we have today. 


Now, we’re in uncharted territory. We have people to educate, stereotypes to correct, and a whole lot of weed for everyone. 


Women Who Weed is here to blaze the trail. 


Women Who Weed is the safe space women have never had, but always wanted. 

We’re an IRL community of women who are committed to lifting each other up and indulging in cannabis in the process. We educate, connect, and empower pro-cannabis women across the country through our monthly newsletter, events, and directory of women-owned businesses.


If you've landed here we probably have a few things in common.

As cannabis-users, we felt misunderstood, we craved more information, and we searched hard to find people who felt the same. And when we couldn’t find it, we created it.


Women Who Weed was born to connect like-minded women — working women who like to laugh, have intelligent conversations, and use cannabis to improve their lives. This community has grown across the country, and we’re confident that together, our bright minds will change the perception of cannabis.



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